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Providing the Forum for Fashion Business

Providing the Forum For Fashion Business

ENK International is unequivocally the most exclusive trade show producer in the United States. Like a world-class conductor, ENK International orchestrates a series of trade exhibitions that include nearly 10,000 design companies. In New York City and Las Vegas, ENK International’s shows attract 250,000 domestic and international buyers and press yearly which produces sales of over $1 billion. What distinguishes ENK International from all other trade exhibitions is its juried roster of exhibitors, its progressive show environment, comprehensive services and unsurpassed amenities. Currently, ENK International produces 16+ annual exhibitions including Coterie, Accessorie Circuit, Intermezzo Collections, Children’s Club and ENKVegas.

With an ever expanding vision and the guts to cut new inroads in a highly competitive environment, ENK is strategically positioned to continue the growth and innovation that has clearly made it the industry leader. Today ENK is a truly global brand known worldwide for its superior trade events hallmarked by its unique style and excusive brands. The fashion compass will determine where ENK goes next.


Laying the Foundation for Success

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In 1980, Elyse Kroll developed a forum to present emerging, innovative designers. Her exhibition, held at a world-class hotel famous for its elegance and service, set ENK apart from the anonymous booth shows that were prevalent at the time. ENK’s unique production introduced exhibitors, the media and an influential list of buyers to a new fashion experience. ENK Productions, as the company was first named, became an instant success with designers such as Jhane Barnes, Paul Smith and Hugo Boss. In 1986, responding to the demand from the womenswear market for a show of its own, ENK created Fashion Coterie.

In 1987, Accessorie Circuit was added to begin the triumvirate that quickly became ENK International. The tremendous response by the global marketplace continues to prove that ENK International’s exhibitions are not only eagerly anticipated bi-annual and tri-annual events but also clearly responsible for elevating New York City alongside Paris and Milan as an international fashion capital.


ENK Goes Global

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ENK International is a New York born and bred company. For nearly 30 years, ENK’s goal has been to bring important retail traffic to New York City, the Fashion Capital of the world. Each and every trade show that ENK produces defines a Market Week by which the Fashion Industry thrives, encompassing womenswear, accessories and childrenswear.

ENK establishes Market Weeks back home and our goal is to open markets around the world while reinvesting in its exhibitions back in the US.

ENK Timeline

ENK Timeline


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